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19 Feb

One picture per kid per week for a year.







12 Feb

One picture per kid per week for a year.





kidbits: birthday edition

10 Feb

When I was talking to Holt about their upcoming birthday.

Me: Hey Holt.  Do you know that you have a birthday coming up?

Holt: K.

Me: You do?  Well, how old are you going to be on your birthday?

Holt: Santa!?

Win walking toward me carrying a toy that has been taken apart.

Win: Oh no!  Oh no!

Me: What’s wrong buddy?  Did your toy come apart?

Win: Holt did it.

Me: You’re already selling your brother out?

Win: K.






5 Feb

One picture per kid per week for a year.


Win: his first experience with snow.  Doesn’t it look like Narnia?


Holt: going for a walk on the beach, with his hands in his POC-KETS, on his birthday


31 Jan

You may laugh all you want, but when it snows here, it’s a big deal.  All it takes is an inch of ice and then a couple inches of snow and we are housebound for days (3 and counting).  And even though it takes an hour to dress both boys for the snow (and they only spend about 20 minutes outside), it is completely worth it.


I wouldn’t say the boys loved the snow, but they were definitely interested and liked it.




I really enjoyed having the appropriate occasion to wear my red boots I got for Christmas.  I have worn them quite a bit since Christmas, but this was the first time that actually warranted the wear.


And of course, no snow day is complete until you’ve had hot chocolate.



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29 Jan

One picture per kid per week for a year.

This was the first week that it was actually hard to pick just one.   This challenge has given me the reason to take pictures often, and I’m getting a bit better at pulling the camera out.


Win protecting one of the pair of stone bunnies that we walk by on our weekend walks.  The boys have named the stone “babbets” Win & Holt.


Holt hugging the “babbet”

that time I became an over-sharer

27 Jan

Ya know that moment when you put yourself out there and you are immediately grateful for getting it off your chest and simultaneously regret it because you’ve brought attention to yourself?

Yeah, me to.  I just had one of those on Friday.

I wrote about my son’s current (hopefully) temporary condition.  Then I shared it on facebook.  Then I might have regretted it a bit.  All of a sudden I felt very exposed.  And like I had exposed my child.  In general, I’m not a sharer in person.  I have a hard time talking about things that are meaningful and difficult.  I like to squash everything down and pretend it doesn’t exist.  I told a friend recently that I think that if I don’t talk about something, don’t put it into words, then it won’t be true and it will go away.

That’s obviously not true.

Luckily everyone was supportive and sent sweet notes to me (I shouldn’t have been surprised…my friends and family are awesome).  This is just a healthy reminder for me that I am not an island (right Husband?), and that it’s ok to confide in people (even if the actual definition of confide doesn’t necessarily mean to write it all down and post it on the internet).  In some ways it is like a certain weight is lifted off my shoulders (so cliche).  Another way to say that is what Husband says – problems can get really big in your head, but once you put words to the thoughts in your head and express your concerns the problems don’t seem so big anymore.  They don’t seem insurmountable.  They are handle-able (definitely a word).

11199630656_a72af6d39d_bweight on his shoulders (how cliche can I get?)


22 Jan


Win and me on a walk


Holt: “birds! Where are you?”  {It also looks like he’s missing a finger in this picture, but it’s just the angle}


20 Jan

Win when he’s looking at this picture:


That, dear friends, is a picture of the slain Goliath in the toddler bible we have.

“Oooh Noooooo! Ooooooh Noooooo!”
-running over to me with the book to show me the picture with a very sad, worried face-
“Oooooh noooooooo!


13 Jan

Well…I’m already starting the year off a little behind. The whole family was sick between and after the holidays and I think we’re all having a hard time adjusting to work and school…and life in general.

So that is my excuse for starting my 52 portraits a week late.

And…I might be cheating a bit seeing as I didn’t take any pictures the first week of the year. So these pictures might be from before the new year. I have a feeling you will forgive me.

So here is the first installment of 52 portraits::an image of each of my children, once a week, for 52 weeks.



Holt watching some mind-numbing tv after waking up too early from a nap.

Win jumping in front of the camera while I was taking a picture of Holt.  He’s been very interested in the camera and always wants to look at the back of all the pictures.