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the perfect client

26 Apr

Internet….I need to spread some love.

This love is for somebody who has really believed in me and my abilities for a while now.

I call her the perfect client. Her name is Nicole and you can get to know her at her blog Mr. & Mrs. Hines.

I really just wanted to throw a shout out her direction because she is the client that contacts me with ideas and lets me run with them and is NOT afraid to give me her opinion always in a respectful way.

We started working together for her wedding and I think we developed some pretty awesome wedding paper if I do say so myself. The flower was based off of a swing that her then boyfriend bought her and proposed to her while she was sitting on it.



Since her wedding, Nicole has come to me with all sorts of ideas and projects. We’ve done baby shower invitations and well wishes for baby. My favorite we’ve done so far is this awesome construction themed well wishes. The inspiration was taken from the bedding and room decorations for Baby Hardee. So fun!

hardee baby well wishes

I’m telling you, to have a client who is so supportive of me and who, most awesomely, recommends me whenever she has the chance, I could not be more thankful.

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!



a mention!

8 Mar

I have some super exciting news…

One of the weddings I’ve done paper for has been mentioned on a wedding blog! Yay! This is super exciting for me.

Please check it out at Chic to the Nines.

And thanks to the bride Nicole for being super creative and willing to take a chance on me! (it’s an exclamation point kind of day, if you haven’t noticed!!)

Happy Thursday!

And a sweet pic or two:

lovely wedding invitations

18 Sep

I am so proud to show you the latest wedding invitation I’ve done. Nicole approached me after being recommended by a mutual friend that I used to dance with (also did her wedding paper that you can see here…just kidding. I haven’t posted about it, which is just wrong. I will get on that ASAP).

I love doing custom wedding paper. Sometimes a girl just can’t find exactly what she’s looking for (I have that problem ALL.THE.TIME. Just ask the hubs how long it took us to find the PERFECT nursery chair). So, if I get to help someone express themselves in wedding paper just as they wish, I get super excited.

Please make sure to go to Nicole’s Blog. It’s super cute and the way she and her hubs-to-be got together is just the best.

I know…get on with it already. Here are her wedding invites. I wanted to wait until she sent them out so that I wouldn’t ruin a surprise (considering my first trimester was full of hunger and nausea, that wasn’t that hard, unfortunately…but now…the energy is back and I’m taking advantage of it!).

I love the colors! Green, purple, brown. The flower shape is actually taken from a metal glider that her fiance bought for her when he proposed (or it was an early Christmas gift that he proposed on…I think. Sorry if I got that part wrong Nicole). Nicole wanted something from that glider to be on the invites. Something personal, which is what these are all about. These are all her…I just did the photoshopping!

I also really love the flower shaped maps/accommodations card. I think it so matches with the theme.

Hope you all have had a beautiful weekend. It’s been grey at the seashore, but I’ve had a chance to get a TON done. I feel so productive!

something I’m working on

23 May

hi there internet –

I am super excited to share a sneak peek with you today.

I have been lucky enough to help two brides (not including myself) with the paper for their weddings. This is one of my favorite things to do. I love paper. And I love brides and weddings. And I love working individually with a bride to give her exactly what she wants, while staying in a reasonable budget.

Here are a few pictures of my own wedding paper, which I made myself.

I hand tore each piece of paper for each invite. We had our wedding at the beach, so I wanted water, transparency, and blue and brown involved….but not in a cheesy way. There is nothing wrong with using shells and “beachy” themes in a wedding invite, but that just wasn’t my style. I researched and worked for a long time designing these and I was so happy with the result.

I used 110 lb cold press water color paper and vellum. I bought the brown envelopes pre-made from That is one of my favorite places to get paper and envelopes from. They are reasonably priced and have good quality products. They will also cut and/or perforate any paper for a reasonable price.

And now….a sneak peek of what I’m working on for my most recent client.

font comparer

17 May

Have you heard of Font Comparer?

If you are a obsessor lover of fonts, you will L.O.V.E. this site.

Type in whatever at the top of the page and it will show you how those words look in all sorts of fonts below.


I apologize in advance for the hours of your life that you will spend on Font Comparer instead of actually living your life.