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First race

21 Jul

You know what is not so great about racing with a double stroller? Running into the wind. It’s amazing how much drag there is from a double.

You know what is really great about racing with twins? Everyone is super nice and supportive.

I got huge cheers when I crossed the finish line (it probably helped that I am super slow the wind slowed me down…ahem…and most people had already finished the race).

And I knew when people were talking about me because they would cheer “way to go mama!”.



I need something…

14 Nov

…and that something is a race.

And by that, I mean a road race. I’ve been reading about my friends and blog writers who are running marathons and halves and I really need a race. It has been killing me that I CAN’T run AT ALL.

I love my boys (in fact, I think one of them may have turned over today. I felt something funny on the drive to work and now I’m feeling some maybe feet kicks up under my ribs. I know to some this may seem uncomfortable, but there is nothing I wanted more than for these boys to be head down when it was time (ok I want them to be healthy and all that other mama stuff, but you catch my drift).

But…I have missed running so badly I can barely describe it. I have missed my muscles being sore. I’ve missed stretching and being sweaty (and then taking a shower after I’ve been so dirty). I miss being able to see at least a little muscle definition in my legs.

I know that this is only for a short period of time. And, in a lot of ways I’m glad for it. It’s really making me appreciate that time I had to myself…just me and the beach. I’ve even been saving my running magazines for after the boys are born. I don’t need the discouragement now, and I know I’ll need the encouragement when they’re here.

I have dreams about running soon after I give birth. And I’m talking soon. Ok, maybe not running, but maybe walking. And maybe working up my endurance (considering I can barely walk two miles now). But I have dreams of being active. My hope is that I will take them with me in the double running stroller we just picked up from my sister-in-law’s who was storing it for me. I want them to feel like that stroller is a second home, haha.

I know it’s going to take a while to get back up to speed, but just the wind blowing in my hair might just be enough. I know I shouldn’t have expectations of myself and what life is going to be like after the boys are born. My hope is that we will just stretch to fit. And that we’ll make it work, whatever the situation. We’ll see, I know.

But I can hope. And for now…I’m researching local races :).

And, of course, working on the nursery. It’s coming together! Pictures soon!

out with the old…

13 May

and in with NEW SHOES!!!!!!

I am a runner jogger.  I’ve run a few races (they are one of my favorite things to do) and after my second half marathon I had knee pain like I had never felt before.

I tried a lot of things…a physical trainer, increasing weight training on my lower body, buying new running shoes…etc. etc.

I finally read a book that had a huge influence on my life, “Born to Run” recommended to me by my friend Ashley of edible perspective.  In short, it’s a book that promotes barefoot or “minimalist” running.  It goes through a lot of interesting explanation including a Native American tribe in Mexico that can run for miles and miles and miles, evolutionary biology, an interesting experiment with a quadruped and a biped, and some of the best athletes in the world.

In the end, I was convinced that I needed to try barefoot running.  I bought some Vibrams in February 2010.  I had to slowly reteach myself how to run in them….but that has proven quite successful.  I am now running not quite farther, but definitely faster than I ever have.  I ran an 8:55 minute mile tonight.  I know to some that is super slow…to some super fast.  Considering my last half marathon, ran in February 2009, I ran an average of a 12:30 mile…I consider tonight quite a feat.

Finally, I wore that first pair of Vibrams out.  

The black pair was my first pair. I’m super excited about the new pair.

A few negatives about the old pair:
1. They were black. I live at the beach, in the south, and most of the time I run on asphalt….they were flipping HOT!
2. Because they were open with a single strap across the top, I had a Vibrams tan that looked worse than a Teva tan. I was ready to get full coverage in my running slipper.
3. You can barely see it, but there is a hole in the bottom of the right foot. That, obviously is a problem. Though I did run over 400 miles in these shoes…so I really can’t complain.

Now, for my favorite part….the bottoms.

Don’t they look cool? I think they’re so spiderman-esque…if spiderman were blue, yellow, and gray.

All in all, I’m pretty excited. I always feel like I can run faster with new shoes. I know it’s all in my head, BUT I did run my fastest mile tonight….that’s got to be the magic new shoes, right?