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Last weekend, with a little of this one thrown in

10 Mar

Last weekend…we rode the three hours to Chapel Hill to see the hub’s fav band…Superchunk.

Superchunk is a NC based band. They’ve been around for 21 years (which means they’re older; which means their shows are earlier cause they’ve got kids at home; which means I get to go to bed earlier; which means I’m a happy camper).



This is me in front of my brother’s frat house (Geoff lives in SoCal and does a lot of crazy stuff…one of which is a webcomic geared toward adolescent girls. It’s all about self-esteem and fitting in (or not) Check out Hot Mess). I went to visit him once while he was in college and he lived here. He’s 6 years older than me, so I was still in high school. I had a blast. But I do remember the house being absolutely disgusting. When I went to the bathroom, I had to physically move a piece of plywood in front of the stall so that no one could see in. Ahhh….memories!


Here we are at the Cat’s Cradle. Some pretty awesome bands play here: The New Pornographers, The Raveonettes, Mates of State…I could go on. This night, the opener was VeeLee. A band consisting of two people and many instruments. I always have slight girl-crushes on female band members.



And here they are…Superchunk…a 40-something band taht isn’t afraid to pogo on stage and literally make the music with their bodies…not just their instruments.


Mac (lead-singer/lead-guitarist) and Laura (basist) also own Merge Records. In my opinion, one of the smartest record companies out there. It, also, is based out of Chapel Hill. Its business model is not to make as much money as possible with bad, over-produced, popular music; planning every minute of all their signed bands lives to make the absolute most money they could possibly make. Now, don’t get me wrong, they need to make money, and they do. But they do it smartly. They find bands they like and decide, realistically, how many CDs they should actually print. If they think that this particular band will only sell 1500, then they only print 1500 albums.

Then there are their other bands like The Arcade Fire. The Arcade Fire started out as a small-ish band; signed by Merge; became HUGE after their third album; AND just one the Grammy for best album of the year. This little indie band has seemed to take over the world…and they had a tiny record company. And here are the beginnings of that record company. Still rocking out. I do hope they last another 20 years.


This weekend we are headed to San Fransisco for the hub’s cousin’s wedding. I am going to shamelessly take as many pictures as I possibly can! Wish me luck.

Have a fantabulous weekend!


the national in raleigh

6 Oct

They were fantastic. That is all I have to say.

Ok. So I have more to say than just that. But in one word…fantastic.

The opener was Owen Pallett (he’s usually a part of The Arcade Fire). He was pretty amazing. He came out in skinny black jeans, a kind of weird take on a chef’s coat and socks. White socks.

owen pallett; the opener for the national at memorial theater in raleigh

He was amazing with his instruments: a violin, a keyboard, a “looping” machine (at least that’s what I’m calling it). He would play something with the violin and record on the looping machine, then play something else on the violin and loop it and by the time he got to the middle of the song, it sounded like he was an orchestra….instead of him, by himself.

And then, there was the national….that weird, awesome lead singer; the two sets of brothers; horns; violin; keyboards; a really freaking amazing drummer; AND we were 6 rows back. It was awesome.

I really don’t want to talk that much. I want you to see. Their light show was simple, but really effective. Bright, strong colors. They did not half ass anything. Here you go.

During the encore, the lead singer walked way out into the crowd (with a corded mic, mind you) and walked on the seat arm rests from one side of the auditorium to the other. He was singing and screaming and walking around and then he made his way back stage and we thought it was over.

But then, everyone in the band came in front of the microphones; the house lights came on; the guitar players picked up acoustic guitars; the violinist unplugged and the drummer grabbed a shaker. While standing there, facing us, they sang “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks” completely unplugged. It was a beautiful last song.

hopscotch (part deux)

20 Sep

As promised, here are more pics from the shows, taken from my phone, so they’re not fantastic.

broken social scene on friday night

They were fantastic. Finished their set with an instrumental and blew us all away.

a marching band opened up public enemy. It was so awesome.

the one and only Flavor Flav! Thanking us for our support of his "second job called TELEVISION".

Apparently he’s coming out with some Flavor Flav spirits and a bucket of chicken as well.

me and the hubs at the public enemy show. it rained, but it was still awesomeness.

the hubs LOVES public enemy. Since we decided to go to Hopscotch, he’s been playing many PE records and “rapping” along to them. It’s been mighty funny. I was a bit unaware of PE, but I really did enjoy their show. We had a blast. They were super entertaining (I especially liked the S1Ws, these guys in military uniforms that danced around the stage). The only downside of the night was a very rude man selling PE stuff. I am a huge sucker for concert T’s. And because of him, I didn’t buy one. I would have loved a “FIGHT THE POWER” shirt, but, this guy’s rudeness was out of control.

So, we went our merry way, and had a blast at the show, ate some wonderful food in downtown Raleigh: The Remedy Cafe, the Raleigh Times, last….but BEST was Dos Tequitos.

I was so hungry and tired that I didn’t get any pictures, but this was really the best mexican/columbian food I’ve ever had! Cheers to them, and to you!


15 Sep

This past weekend (for our official one year anniversary celebration) we traveled the 3 hours to Raleigh and went to the new music festival Hopscotch.

It was FANTASTIC. We had such a great time.

our hotel room at the sheraton....and me playing with my camera. As I say to the hubs...the more pictures I take, the better I get at takin' 'em

playing around. i always try to do this shot...and it never seems to work out...harumph

shampoo AND conditioner! I'm so spoiled!

we could see the main stage from our hotel room.

unfortunately, the hotel had screwed shut the “window” (actually a sliding glass door), so we had to listen through the glass. BUT, it was still a success. We heard many a soundcheck as well as the Rosebud’s set.

We went to the coolest restaurant in downtown Raleigh, The Remedy Cafe. The hubs is a vegetarian and we always have issues finding restaurants with more than 2 veggie choices (and most places where we live consider seafood vegetarian, so it doesn’t really work out for him that often). But this restaurant was AWESOME. Not only did it have a great selection of meat-eater diner food, it also had a whole page of veggie options, including: a veggie meatball sub (which the hubs had and LOVED), a veggie Ruben, vegan fare, etc, etc. It was fantastic.

Not only did it have an awesome menu, but it had an awesome drink menu. Our drinks included “the elixir of life”, “liquid lobotomy”, “an attitude adjustment”, “anxiety antidote”, and the “poinsettia”…

Another post to come soon of the shows!