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34 weeks

23 Jan

Do you remember when this shirt…

fit like this?

Yeah…me too.

34 weeks today! It’s a great milestone. Dr. appt tomorrow. Hope everything stays the same…as in…all good.


32 weeks flashback and bed rest

21 Jan

Hello internet!

It’s been a little while…and don’t worry, I’m still pregnant, thankfully. I’m also late with the weekly pic update, but I’ll try to get two up this week (now that the week is almost half way over), hee hee.

I would like to say that I’ve been busy, haha. I’m really really funny.

So…here I am last week at 32 weeks. This girl is getting big. And I only have bigger to go. My face has exploded a bit, so I’ll save you from that mental actual image.

You might be wondering what I do all day. Thankfully, bed rest has not been quite the beast that I had anticipated.

First things first…the bed rest apron. If I could have gotten out my sewing machine and made a prettier one of these, I would have. Luckily for me I already had this handy dandy nail apron available. It’s leftover from my architecture school days when we worked with habitat for humanity. This was the result of one of those awesome moments when you knew you kept this one thing for a reason (knowing you would need infor SOMETHING one day) and as a complete bonus…I knew exactly where it was. I was pretty excited.

So in my bed rest apron, I keep the following items:

My cell phone (which operates as phone, texting machine, and email…score!)

The house phone (yes, we still have one of those. But, this is super helpful because we have digital phone, so we have free long distance. This ways can call family and work for free with having to use cell phone minutes…score again)

A couple of pens and a pencil

A miniature moleskin notebook (yes, I’m a bit of a snob about what I write in…this one is small, red, and lined on the inside. This is the first moleskin I’ve had that is lined…and because it’s so small, I like it). I use this even more than I thought I would.

With all these things literally tied to me all the time, I always have what I need, for the most part, wherever I am in the house. Luckily I am not confined just to one space, so whenever I have to pee (which is quite often) I try to change locations in the house so I don’t get too bored.

I’ve been able to work from home.

And when I work, I get to look out at this.

(unfortunately, the day I took this picture was kind of gray. I promise there is water out there. The water is super relaxing and makes me feel like I’m not cooped in all day long.

That’s not too shabby I have to say.

Something else that keeps my spirits up is my creativity with beverages. I have to drink about a gallon of water a day (yesterday I drank 2!) and sprucing it up with a bit of sparkling water and frozen fruit goes a long way.

I feel really lucky that I can work while I’m home. That has made the days go by much more quickly than I thought they would. I rarely turn on the tv…mostly I just listen to podcasts or Pandora (all of that makes me feel like much less of a lazy bum). I know my job right now is to incubate the boys as long as possible, but I have to say that the thing I was most upset about when I had to go on bed rest was being lazy and not being able to contribute (I know my contribution right now is to keep the babes inside…but still…I had some issues). This isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

And don’t worry…I’m still crafting as much as possible, but that is for a different post.

Happy Saturday…next week, I’ll catch up…I swear.


33 weeks and car seats

19 Jan

Here we are at 33 weeks!


Every week is a big success at the Perry household. All things at the Dr. are going well. Babies are good and mama is good. As soon as we get to 34 weeks, we are in a much better spot. Their lungs will be developed enough that they could be born at my local hospital and possibly not go to the NICU. That, of course, is my hope.

Another fun thing is that the hubs installed the car seats! Woohoo! I’m very excited about that. The nursery is on its way, pictures to follow very soon.



31 weeks

3 Jan


Getting ready for the doctor’s office…my only allowed trip out of the house. I’m glad we have so many windows in our house.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting for the second part of the hospital story.  I wrote it…on my iPad…when I went to add a picture…the app quit…I lost the entire thing…It’s now time to get back on that.


27 weeks

7 Dec

This may be the closest I’ve gotten to posting the babies project picture to the correct week. I took these last Saturday. It’s been harder and harder to get outside since the days have become shorter. So, this time I took the pictures in the future babies’ room. I think they turned out ok. The babies’ project picture is a little strange because I didn’t really have any depth to work with in the room. But I wanted to try to take pictures of myself indoors because I’m going to be doing that once the babes are born.

Just a couple more. It’s kind of like I gave myself a photoshoot.

This one was modeled after one I love of Diane Keaton, in The Family Stone. I lerve that movie. And I absolutely lerve that picture that the well-meaning, yet completely annoying, Sarah Jessica Parker gets framed for the whole family. That’s when I start sobbing in that movie.

It just hit me that all the pictures on my blog have become of me. Oopsie! I promise I will get more pictures of crafts and such up here. I’ve got a ton to take and post (babies’ room, Christmas gifts, wedding paper, etc). Just time to have a photoshoot for things instead of myself :).

Happy Wednesday!

baby project – 23 weeks

6 Nov

Well…the day got away from me today.

I had a lot on my mind. I was finishing up the changing table, only to figure out that the “white” trim paint I had gotten was really a base for tinted trim paint. This makes the paint look much more creamy than it does white. I figured this out AFTER I had primed and painted two coats on that thing. Thankfully, the paint man at my local ACE hardware was super helpful (I didn’t get paid for that…but I L.O.V.E. ACE Hardware. They are smaller and don’t have EVERYTHING, but ALL of their staff is knowledgable. AND…if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they know where you can get it in town. I love that.).

So, I got more paint;

I put ANOTHER coat on the changing table (that actually looked white!);

I went swimming (yay!);

I vacuumed the house;

I went for a walk with the hubs (extra points for me);

during said walk, we planned our dinner tonight which was to include my FIRST glass of red wine in FIVE MONTHS (I was so excited. It was delicious, the wine and the food, and it made me very very hot…more on that later);

I bought all the Christmas presents for the nieces and nephews on my side (there are seven, nine on the hub’s side);

I went to Ross and found a maternity sweater, a shirt, and two more pairs of maternity leggings for a total of $30 (score!).

It was a busy day for me. I loved it. I loved that I had enough energy to get it all done and feel good about it. I loved that my husband cooked me one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life. I literally could have eaten another entire meal right after.

And, in the end…the day got away from me. I forgot that today was the first day of regular time (not daylight saving time) and that it would get dark starting at 4:30 :(.

So, I had to make do. I didn’t want to wait another week to take more pictures. So…here it is. Please excuse the heavy photoshopping. As I said, all the moving around (and probably the wine) made me super hot and it looked like I had rosasia. I don’t, and I looked funny to me, so I wanted to not have that.

AND, for your enjoyment (I know…get on with the picture) I have actual bare belly shots….whoa! It’s a first for me! Also, check out my shoes if you can…I dressed up for dinner!

I had to move a TON of artificial light into our “sunroom” (haha) to get it bright enough. And I STILL had to use the flash.

There it is…this is the last thing I’m doing today. Right now, I’m going to finish my glass of wine, probably have another glass of milk (I’m up to a gallon a week!), drink some water (can you tell I’m thirsty?), and watch some TV. Very exciting for me!

Have a happy start to regular daylight time!

Bump update

1 Nov


We just watched the episode of the office where dwight gives birth to a buttered watermelon. So different watching that pregnant than not.

I also met a woman in staples today who is due a week later than me and didn’t look like she was pregnant. I explained to her I am having twins.

Today I received more maternity clothes from my sister in law. She is awesome and I’m very very lucky to have her. This is he first time in my life I feel good about wearing horizontal stripes. 😉

week 20

23 Oct

Here is an update of the belly.

I absolutely love this shirt. I am lucky enough to have a sister-in-law who just had twins who also happened to not want any of her maternity clothes anymore. She also had a lot of REALLY CUTE STUFF. And one of them is this shirt. I don’t think you can see it in the picture, but there are two sets of baby footprints on it. I would wear this shirt all the time. I would wear it to work if I could.

I’m trying to take these pictures in different locations with some variety. It probably doesn’t help with actually documenting the size of the belly…but oh well. I’m getting bigger…and I will continue to get bigger. That is all anyone needs to know. :).

This weekend was fabulous. My mom came and helped me paint the nursery. When I say helped, I mean she painted it while I was at work on Friday and I came home and helped her finish one wall. It was great. And it looks fantastic. We also primed and then I painted the changing table. AND…our swivel rocker came in. It’s all so exciting, I forgot to take pictures while the sun was up. So that will have to be another day.

For now, here is week 20.

Yes, I’m still trying to do yoga. And that’s all I have to say about that!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

past week 16

3 Oct

Well, we’re (the three of us) past week 16. We’re on to week 18 tomorrow, but I need to give you a view of what week 16 was like. Because then I’m going to show you week 18.5. And whoa it’s different. It felt like the babes were growing like crazy in there…looked like it too.

But for now, here’s week 16.

“My energy has come back some what and I’ve made a point of doing everything I can do now for your welcome to the world before I get so big I can’t do anything at all. I’m slowly collecting baby things: clothes, cloth diapers, a changing dresser, a handmade mobile, ideas…I’ve put off the knitting until the time comes when the only thing I’ll be able to do is knit. I know that time will come. For I while, I thought I was feeling your little feeties fluttering in the deep dark belly. But I haven’t felt you in a while, which means, it probably wasn’t you. I said to your dad the other night that I have some moments when I feel like I’m ready to meet you…NOW. He took a moment to give me a funny look and express that he was glad that we still had about 5 months to go. I am too, but I’m ready too.”

project babies

30 Sep

I’ve been reading blogs of women who are crafty and mommies for a while now.

I’ve been inspired by all the amazing women who exist. One of whom is Miranda. She introduced the idea of a baby photo project to me when she had her second child. You can see it here. She got her inspiration from here and here.

I knew I wanted to document this pregnancy….especially since I found out I am having TWINS!

So, here I go. I meant to take pictures on a schedule…that hasn’t really worked out. I’m taking the pictures myself, which is an interesting feat. I shall have a tutorial on that soon.

So, here we go with project babies!

A bit of a journal entry:
“It’s week seven and the only symptom I have is a super-di-duper sense of smell. In fact, I think I knew I was pregnant with you days before the test because I could smell EVERYTHING. One night, I got out of bed thinking I smelled burning toast. I ventured into the dark kitchen only to find out that nothing was burning, the oven was not on…I was smelling bread that had been toasted hours before. I knew something was up. I haven’t seen the doctor yet, but I’m excited to. I’m a little scared little babe, but I’m ready.”