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4th of July and FIVE months

4 Jul

It’s the fourth of July…my boss’ favorite holiday (there are no expectations for gifts or requirements to spend any time with family…we call him Bob-humbug around Christmas time).

It also happens to be 2 days after the boys five month birthday.

I know I say this every month, but I just can’t believe they are five months old!!!

We had all sorts of lofty plans today…go for a run, try out the baby pool, walk on the beach, maybe even try out the big pool. But alas, sickness has struck the Perry household again. So, we’ll just be hanging out indoors for now. It’s super hot, too! That doesn’t hurt the urge to stay inside. So, instead of being outside, the boys will nap…and I MAY just get some of those things done on my to-do list…hopefully!

For now…some updated pics of the boys.

They have both learned to ROLL OVER! And they both love their new exersaucer. It’s very exciting to see them in that crazy contraption learning how to play with all the toys.




Family Portraits – Atlantic Beach, NC Photographer

8 Jun

Well…Memorial Day weekend got even better.

I was lucky enough to take pictures of some favorite friends of mine. This is Snowy, Chip, Liz, Meg, Drew, Charli, & Sam. And man…are these kids stars!

I cannot thank the hubs enough for coming along with me, making EVERYONE laugh, and literally making every shot priceless. I really could not have done it without him.

Here are some of my favorites from our evening.

My name is Charli. I'm eating dinner. And I'm a star.

I mean seriously…could they get any cuter?