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17 Jan

I have been kind of obsessed with quilts lately. I just love how beautiful and modern they can be. I also love the idea of making something that is beautiful, keeps someone you love warm, and has such an important place in women’s history. I love the idea of women sitting in a circle, talking and silent, pouring hours and love and expertise into this one thing. That is super beautiful to me.

And in the end, the finished product is beautiful and functional. The perfect pair.

I am currently in love with this one by Anna Maria Horner.


Apparently I’m loving a lot of things today. Like this boy.




23 Dec

I’m not going to lie…I L.O.V.E. Christmas.


Most years, I am the person that is listening to Christmas music in my car from Thanksgiving on. I have to negotiate with the hubs on how early we can start to decorate. I ALWAYS go to our Christmas floatilla (where people decorate boats instead of floats…it’s awesome).

This year, I decided not to decorate. I say I decided because I am the one that decorating matters most to. I am the one that does most of the decorating. I’m not cracking on the hubs…I would rather do it. It’s just easier for me to slowly unpack all the Christmas decorations and lovingly find a place for each one of them to go. It really is one of my favorite things.

Not this year. This year, I knew that I would want to decorate, but then I would not feel like or be able to pack everything away. Our decorations are all in a secret closet that you have to get to by going through a coat closet and then typing in the secret code while whispering the secret password and scrunching yourself really small to get underneath the stairs (and yes…all of that is 100% true). I just could not bring myself to unpack everything…knowing that I wouldn’t be able to scrunch myself up into a tiny square to fit underneath the stairs.

So, we didn’t decorate.

It is our year to spend Christmas with the Hubs’ family. So we did an early Christmas with mine.

All of this is to say that…it hasn’t really felt like Christmas to me this year. I just haven’t had the same excitement.

But…I think that’s a good thing. Because next year will bring a whole sort of new-ness and excitement that I haven’t felt in a long time. We’re going to have two babies! We’re going to make new traditions for our own family. I am super excited about that. Super!

This post turned into something that I wasn’t really planning on…but I’ll continue with the previously scheduled programming.

Christmas gifts!

I did get excited about making a few gifts this year. I can’t do it for everyone (we have huge families), but I do like to try to make something for someone each year. It’s a way to broaden my own crafting spirit and really think about what the receiver will want/like.

Some earrings for a lovely lady.

A purse I knitted for a lovely young lady.

Another purse for another lovely young lady.

All in all, a pretty good handmade Christmas for a pregnant lady (I’m using that excuse all the time, now).

I’m hoping to have updates of the babes’ room soon. I’ve made some big leaps forward, but unfortunately have had some setbacks. Still working on it though.

And…think about this…after this past Wednesday, each day get a few minutes longer :).


a quick word

11 Dec

from my nieces and nephew (not related to each other).

They say hello and that they love the owl hats I made them (ok, you know I’m saying that…but seriously, are they not the cutest things you’ve ever seen?

This is Ainsley and Carson. They are 12 weeks in this picture. Another set of twins in the Perry clan (which I couldn’t be more excited about). They are going to be about 6 months older than our boys. So fun!

This is Iker. Can we say heartbreaker? So adorable. He looks so much like his older brother. Love love!

Can’t wait to meet all three of these little people at Christmas time!

I got the pattern for this awesome owl hat from It’s called the sleepy owl hat.

Happy Sunday!


crafting space

30 Nov

What I wouldn’t give for a crafting space that I could close up, without cleaning up, and open back up to work on. The furry critters in our house make it impossible to leave crafting projects out. I have a hard time starting a project, knowing I won’t be able to finish it in one sitting. Then, I end up never starting it!

I would love one of these:

Photo credit

Photo Credit

Or goodness, what about this space?

Photo Credit

Unfortunately, all of these things take organization. I am so lacking in that department.

Photo Credit

I’ve heard that having multiples makes one super efficient and organized. I’ll take anything right now. Just yesterday, on our way to dinner after a dr. appt, the hubs and I were talking about how I lose stuff all the time. Just then, the lab called and said I had left the ultrasound DVD at their counter. Oh timing!

magazine mirror

21 Sep

I will be making this for the babes’ room. I’m excited!


doile lights

7 Apr

These are so similar to these.

I love the vintagey look of them.

Make sure to check them out at MoreDesignPlease. My goodness, they’re just beautiful.

what happened with this?

30 Mar

So…my sister-in-law is pregnant…WITH TWINS!

The whole family is super excited. All the sis’s-in-law are planning a shower sometime in August. We’re all getting pretty jacked up.

So…to curb my enthusiasm, I decided to learn how to crochet and, in that process, make the cutest little owl toboggan hats.

Here it is…

Photo Credit.

Isn’t it so cute? Unfortunately, this is not my version.

I swear I followed the directions (except for maybe the size yarn)….it DID NOT come out correctly.

Here…it doesn’t look so bad. I mean, it could be somewhere around the right size…right? As long as you don’t look at the armrest of our futon.

And here. It, again, looks like it might be somewhere near the right size for a new born twin baby. I mean, they’re usually smaller than singletons, right?

Unfortunately, even thought I made the 0-6 months and NOT the new born size…it was WAY FREAKING TOO SMALL.

It won’t even fit on my cat’s head. He was much more interested in my lens cap than he was in my newly made baby/small hampster hat.

I’m not sure what I did wrong. I have a feeling it was the yarn size. I must have used a medium weight, instead of a bulky weight. I know I used the right size crochet needle…I think.

I kinda want to finish this one. I mean…they are so cute. Then I’ll have to try again and make one that it says is supposed to fit a 7 year old, but will only barely fit a new born twin.

Onwards and upwards! Off to look for bulky weight yarn!

DIY String Chandeliers

10 Feb

Have you ever seen these before and wondered how to make them?

I have. To be honest, I wish I had known about these for my wedding. They would have been PERFECT.

But, alas, I learn about them now…which means, I will have to have some other sort of party to be able to make them.

You can find instructions at Ruffled.

Once you break it down step by step, it seems so easy. Can’t wait to try these.

Happy Thursday!

dare to…decorate

13 Dec

Well…this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but the hubs and I participated in Christmas celebration Part une of trois. We saw his family this past weekend, will see part of my family this coming weekend, and the rest of my family on Christmas. I know I know. But, you see, last year, we tried to make everyone happy and see EVERYONE during the roughly 24 hours of Christmas celebration. THAT. DID. NOT. WORK. So we’re doing it differently this year. And next year, we’ll switch off and it will be fantastic.

But, on to the craft of the week.

The challenge for this week’s Dare to DIY was to craft a new Christmas decoration. Luckily for me, I was reading the most recent Martha Stewart Living, and she gave me a fabulous idea.

And voila! It’s a Christmas Card wreath thingy!

This thing is super easy. Acquire a embroidery hoop. This one is a 16″, I think. I got it at Michaels for a few bucks.

Glue (with wood glue) clothes pins on the hoop facing alternating directions.

In my case, I wrapped some ribbon I had on hand around the entire thing after I attached the clothes pins. I didn’t use glue at all for the ribbon. Just wrapped it around and tied it at the top.

Used some pretty sparkly ribbon to tie the bow at the top and there you go.

Then, I just had to wait for Christmas cards!

dare to…give homemade gifts

5 Dec

Well friends….this post is a little risky. You see, I’m about to post a handmade gift…that I’m going to be giving to someone. Good news is, I’m positive the person doesn’t read my blog. So I’m safe.

Another post for the Dare to DIY blog party the Newly Woodwards are hosting. This week (or the past few months) I made a scarf.

The pattern is a free…that’s right FREE… pattern I found on that you can find here. If you’re a knitter and are looking for a community of knitters, Ravelry is the place to be. It’s a super cool databasing site that can help you organize your own work, as well as meet other people who love textile and yarn crafts.

This is a simple Lace scarf and it knitted super quickly. I’m a big fan of the super quick projects. I still have a yoga mat bag that is no where near the finish line. It’s taking FOREVER.

These pictures were taken before blocking, but as you can see, it has a nice structure to it. No real curling on the edges unless you pick it up.

By the way….I’m not sure if anyone else watches Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels on A&E, but if you do, the new season is starting TONIGHT at 9pm. I have to say that I freaking love this show. The hubs and I always catch the marathons on the weekends and could watch them for hours. It is SO funny. We have just become official watchers and put it on our DVR. I have to say I’m a bit excited.