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26 Feb

One picture per kid per week for a year.  

Win at his first gymnastics class. ‘The Pit’ was a big hit. 



Holt with sidewalk chalk in our back’yard’. 




19 Feb

One picture per kid per week for a year.






12 Feb

One picture per kid per week for a year.






5 Feb

One picture per kid per week for a year.


Win: his first experience with snow.  Doesn’t it look like Narnia?


Holt: going for a walk on the beach, with his hands in his POC-KETS, on his birthday



29 Jan

One picture per kid per week for a year.

This was the first week that it was actually hard to pick just one.   This challenge has given me the reason to take pictures often, and I’m getting a bit better at pulling the camera out.


Win protecting one of the pair of stone bunnies that we walk by on our weekend walks.  The boys have named the stone “babbets” Win & Holt.


Holt hugging the “babbet”


22 Jan


Win and me on a walk


Holt: “birds! Where are you?”  {It also looks like he’s missing a finger in this picture, but it’s just the angle}


15 Jan


This child (Holt) has some of the most beautiful, most serious faces I’ve ever seen.


Win pointing to where daddy should throw the ball, “freeee!”


13 Jan

Well…I’m already starting the year off a little behind. The whole family was sick between and after the holidays and I think we’re all having a hard time adjusting to work and school…and life in general.

So that is my excuse for starting my 52 portraits a week late.

And…I might be cheating a bit seeing as I didn’t take any pictures the first week of the year. So these pictures might be from before the new year. I have a feeling you will forgive me.

So here is the first installment of 52 portraits::an image of each of my children, once a week, for 52 weeks.



Holt watching some mind-numbing tv after waking up too early from a nap.

Win jumping in front of the camera while I was taking a picture of Holt.  He’s been very interested in the camera and always wants to look at the back of all the pictures.

52 portraits

1 Jan

I’ve been reading about the photo 365 project.  It’s the one where you take a picture everyday and do something with it and at the end of the year you have a picture from every day of the year.

It sounds so wonderful…but completely unrealistic to me.  I just can’t see myself really keeping up with it EVERY DAY.

But I recently found Bleubird Blog’s The 52 Project.

I love this idea.  Take a picture (or portrait if you’d like to call it that) of each of your kids once a week for a year.  I can see so many things I could do with this. I could take them all in instagram and make a flipagram.  I could make a real flip book from Artifact Uprising.  They have really nice craft and papers and a nicely-sized square book for instagram photos.  I could make a larger print book or a gif! Maybe it’s a poster with all 52 pictures.

And once a week seems so much easier than every day.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the blogosphere talking about “goals” instead of “resolutions”.  I’m not really sure I know the difference.  But New Year’s has always been a time for me, and I’m sure for many, to reflect about last year, and the past in general, and look to next year.  Whether it be a goal or something I resolve to do…I would like to do this.

Take one picture of each of my kids once a week every week this year. I’m excited to see the every day mixed in with the special times…all in one place.