our backyard?

This is where I live. I am an architect living on an island off the coast of North Carolina. If you’re thinking it’s paradise…you’re right. I love where I live, though, there are times when I feel way out of the loop about a lot of things. Thank goodness for the internet, right internet?

I’m married to an amazing man and we have two children (see below) and TWO HUMAN BOYS on the way.

Charlie - short for Charlotte. The lady of the house.

the little prince aka short round aka shorty aka dumba$$$ (only when he rips up an entire roll of toilet paper and then throws it in the toilet. yes, that happened)

I enjoy attempting to make things and loving it when they come out even remotely how I thought they would. I love Bravo and taking photographs. I really really love the sun and salt. I am a former dancer (and a snob about it) and the person I look up to the most is my mom (who I hope to be like now that I’m pregnant with twin boys!).

I drive an hour to and from work everyday, which gets on my nerves, but is made much better by my stereo (see the ‘what’s in my cd player’ page).

Enjoy and please leave comments. The whole reason to join this whole blogher world was to get to know other people who think (doesn’t matter if it’s like me or not).


One Response to “me”

  1. Ashley August 30, 2010 at 9:00 pm #

    Love it. Get to know people who think. Right on 🙂

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