that time I became an over-sharer

27 Jan

Ya know that moment when you put yourself out there and you are immediately grateful for getting it off your chest and simultaneously regret it because you’ve brought attention to yourself?

Yeah, me to.  I just had one of those on Friday.

I wrote about my son’s current (hopefully) temporary condition.  Then I shared it on facebook.  Then I might have regretted it a bit.  All of a sudden I felt very exposed.  And like I had exposed my child.  In general, I’m not a sharer in person.  I have a hard time talking about things that are meaningful and difficult.  I like to squash everything down and pretend it doesn’t exist.  I told a friend recently that I think that if I don’t talk about something, don’t put it into words, then it won’t be true and it will go away.

That’s obviously not true.

Luckily everyone was supportive and sent sweet notes to me (I shouldn’t have been surprised…my friends and family are awesome).  This is just a healthy reminder for me that I am not an island (right Husband?), and that it’s ok to confide in people (even if the actual definition of confide doesn’t necessarily mean to write it all down and post it on the internet).  In some ways it is like a certain weight is lifted off my shoulders (so cliche).  Another way to say that is what Husband says – problems can get really big in your head, but once you put words to the thoughts in your head and express your concerns the problems don’t seem so big anymore.  They don’t seem insurmountable.  They are handle-able (definitely a word).

11199630656_a72af6d39d_bweight on his shoulders (how cliche can I get?)


2 Responses to “that time I became an over-sharer”

  1. Ashley January 27, 2014 at 9:32 am #

    I can completely relate to every aspect of this. 🙂 I read your last post and just want to send you the biggest hug ever. Getting it all out there is the best therapy, and many times you’ll find people in similar situations who can lend helpful advice or just let you know you’re not alone. It is definitely a scary feeling, though, and I’m sure even scarier when it’s about your kid. Love you!!!! xoxo

    • Heather January 28, 2014 at 8:44 pm #

      Thanks, friend! It was hard to hang it all out there, but the kind response I’ve gotten from you and others has really helped. 🙂

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