waking the sleeping giant

13 Sep

OK…I’m not saying this space is a giant, per se, but the giant that is my internal narrator is waking up. And guess what that means!!! More writing…or at least posting pictures of my kids ;).

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Most of the summer was the same old same old. It was a lot of what I wrote here. And with two toddlers, that’s enough for me. For a few weeks it was A LOT more. And then it kind of evened out a bit. The funny thing about living at the beach is that the summer is our busy time. It’s when everyone wants to come visit (I’m using the royal everyone in this moment…as in everyone and their mama wants to come to the beach in the summer). There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I’m so thankful that everyone wants to come to the beach in the summer because if they didn’t, we probably wouldn’t be living here. And, please believe that I am NOT complaining about living at the beach. I live at the beach…who could complain about that.

What I am saying is that I love the beginning of May and September and October at the beach. These are the times when the beach feels like ours again. The traffic slows down and thins out. It’s still warm. If we didn’t have toddlers, we’d be sitting out on the dock for hours reading (now we’re just outside running around…but that could be a lot worse, too).

So, now’s the time when we regroup and start to plan things instead of living day to day.

Now’s the time when my internal narrator kicks back into gear.

So…here’s to the end of summer, cooler days, fewer mosquitoes, and the lonely beach.

Boys water play


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