the new normal

6 Jun

This used to be a blog about my life…well, I guess it is still a blog about my life, but my life has drastically changed (as you might have guessed).

I remember finding and blogging about fun designy things online; blogging about things I was cooking or doing around the house; or even blogging about my own photography or paper work.

I took a brief, and needed, hiatus from my previous life to welcome two new lives to the mix.

Now, I’m ready for that hiatus, that sabbatical if you will, to end. I’m ready to get back to being my old self…or I guess my new architect-crafter-blogger-runner-wifey-mama self. I’m rather excited about this new normal. I’m excited to figure out how to juggle it all and be ok with it. Because I believe it’s possible and important to be a mother on top of all the other things that made me me before that oh-so-important role was bestowed upon me, while still remembering AND BEING that person before the babes.

I know I’ll be a better mom if I ensure that my relationship with myself and my relationship with the hubs are taken care of FIRST. It’s rather liberating when you say it that way.

So…to start off (again) on this venture…here’s a little something I found that I loved.

photo credit

I can look at this image and see so many parts of myself on either side.

I love math and reason, love being in control of certain things, and I try to be super practical; but I’m also super messy and love dance, movement, art, photography, and all things creative.

This may have to be the new desktop on my computer. It’s such a great inspiration.

So…here’s to new chapters, new novels, new epics. Let’s get going.


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