Bed rest – (hospital visit and letting go)

31 Dec

The original title of this post was only “Bed rest” because that was the first thing that happened – and that was on tuesday.

Yes. It is true. Unfortunately, I have been put on bed rest. Technically it’s “limited activity”. This means that my activities are limited to sitting, reclining, laying, and going to doctor’s appointments. I can’t even drive myself to those doctor appts.

I won’t get into too much detail (there really isn’t that much to go into), but basically my uterus showed some irritability. Who knew that that could happen? But it can. The fluid around the boys was a little low as well (which could be due to some gastrointeritis (no idea how to spell that) that I had the night before I went to the doctor.

Man was I upset. I can work from home because being an architect, I spend 90% of my time on a computer. That made me feel much better. But I wasn’t ready to stop yet. I wasnt ready for my body to be done with moving. I’d already given up running and exercising and I wasn’t ready to give up driving and control and leaving the house. I wasn’t ready.

But my body was. And, in fact, it was much more ready than I though it was.

After Tuesday, I rested. I sat, I reclined, I laid down all day long. I didn’t go to work; i didn’t have my work computer so there was no work to do. I slowly began to realize how tired I was. How much I enjoyed the days off. December had been a busy month for a pregnant lady with twins, and it was nice to relax. Apparently, it was too little too late.

Side note: this is a positive story. I didn’t mean to end that last paragraph so much with a sense of foreboding.

Thursday evening, I started having a bit of what I thought was indigestion. I was getting hot flashes, having weird stomach pains that were not contractions, and I also had a weird tightness in my right chest, shoulder, and arm. I was taking tums and not contracting, so I tried to go to bed. Laying completely horizontal on any side was really uncomfortable because of the tightness in my shoulder so I had a hard time going to sleep. Around 12 I got up to time any contractions (all Braxton-hicks) I was having to make sure I wasn’t having more than 4 in an hour and I wasn’t. I eventually fell asleep in the chair and the hubs came and got me to go back to bed. I slammed some more tums (cause that’s what you do when you have crazy indigestion) and went to bed. I slept for about four hours and woke up with another hot flash, the pain on my right side, and I was contracting. I took my trusty phone with my trusty pregnancy app that times many things about pregnancy and started timing contractions.

Within being awake for 20 minutes I had felt 7 contractions. At this point I knew I needed to call my dr.

I went and woke up the hubs and told him I was calling. I paged my dr. told her my symptoms and she told me to go to the hospital.

There were all sorts of labs and tests run. At first she thought it might be my gaul bladder, then possibly pancreatitis. I didn’t get a chance to google any of these things and apparently they are pretty scary. I’m glad I didn’t. Sometimes, and especially in this case, ignorance is bliss.

I was started an IV, fully admitted into the hospital, and also given anti-biotics, a shot to make contractions stop, and steroids to hurry along lung development of the babes-just in case.

Eventually all of my labs were ok, my Gaul bladder was fine, my pancreatic levels were fine. I was also given a medicine to stop indigestion. The pain in my chest, that had migrated to my back, went away. I was feeling good. But my contractions hadn’t stopped yet, so I was given a different medicine and the dr wanted to keep me overnight to check my labs the next day.

She also checked my cervix…it was dilated 1 cm and 80% effaced. This did make me nervous. But both my dr and my nurse said that it was not time to be worried yet. I could stay like that for weeks. Today, I am 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I only need to last 3 more weeks to get to 34 weeks and I can deliver at my local hospital and the babes have a much greater chance of not having to spend much, if any, time in the NICU.

Now….I’m going to have to have a ‘to be continued’. I’m sorry to end on the rather scary note, but this post is rather long with no pictures and thats just not fair to you.

I’ll do you a favor and tell you that I’m still pregnant and the boys are great and I’m great and we’ll finish the story tomorrow…for the new year!


4 Responses to “Bed rest – (hospital visit and letting go)”

  1. Aunt B January 1, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    Guess what I was put on total bedrest with my last one. He is 33 years old now. I read and slept a lot as we did not have computers then. It won’t be long now before you are holding those two cuties…Good luck

  2. Emily Erin January 2, 2012 at 11:04 am #

    I’m sure that all will be well– holding you and the boys up to the light. Enjoy the down time, and begin to think about your own advent– a time of preparation and considering the beauty of what will soon be. BTW, if you need a paper project, I have one in mind… I’ll e-mail you. 😀

  3. jane January 2, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

    I only happened upon this post, and ahhhh!!!!!! I’m glad you are ok and I can’t wait for part 2! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth and your babies arrive safely!!!

  4. bein good to me January 3, 2012 at 12:38 am #

    WOW!! I am so glad to hear that you three are okay and I hope that these weeks on bedrest will be as enjoyable as possible.
    I just saw a tshirt on Pinterest and thought of you (since you’re the only person I “know” that is having twins)…

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