23 Dec

I’m not going to lie…I L.O.V.E. Christmas.


Most years, I am the person that is listening to Christmas music in my car from Thanksgiving on. I have to negotiate with the hubs on how early we can start to decorate. I ALWAYS go to our Christmas floatilla (where people decorate boats instead of floats…it’s awesome).

This year, I decided not to decorate. I say I decided because I am the one that decorating matters most to. I am the one that does most of the decorating. I’m not cracking on the hubs…I would rather do it. It’s just easier for me to slowly unpack all the Christmas decorations and lovingly find a place for each one of them to go. It really is one of my favorite things.

Not this year. This year, I knew that I would want to decorate, but then I would not feel like or be able to pack everything away. Our decorations are all in a secret closet that you have to get to by going through a coat closet and then typing in the secret code while whispering the secret password and scrunching yourself really small to get underneath the stairs (and yes…all of that is 100% true). I just could not bring myself to unpack everything…knowing that I wouldn’t be able to scrunch myself up into a tiny square to fit underneath the stairs.

So, we didn’t decorate.

It is our year to spend Christmas with the Hubs’ family. So we did an early Christmas with mine.

All of this is to say that…it hasn’t really felt like Christmas to me this year. I just haven’t had the same excitement.

But…I think that’s a good thing. Because next year will bring a whole sort of new-ness and excitement that I haven’t felt in a long time. We’re going to have two babies! We’re going to make new traditions for our own family. I am super excited about that. Super!

This post turned into something that I wasn’t really planning on…but I’ll continue with the previously scheduled programming.

Christmas gifts!

I did get excited about making a few gifts this year. I can’t do it for everyone (we have huge families), but I do like to try to make something for someone each year. It’s a way to broaden my own crafting spirit and really think about what the receiver will want/like.

Some earrings for a lovely lady.

A purse I knitted for a lovely young lady.

Another purse for another lovely young lady.

All in all, a pretty good handmade Christmas for a pregnant lady (I’m using that excuse all the time, now).

I’m hoping to have updates of the babes’ room soon. I’ve made some big leaps forward, but unfortunately have had some setbacks. Still working on it though.

And…think about this…after this past Wednesday, each day get a few minutes longer :).


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