27 weeks

7 Dec

This may be the closest I’ve gotten to posting the babies project picture to the correct week. I took these last Saturday. It’s been harder and harder to get outside since the days have become shorter. So, this time I took the pictures in the future babies’ room. I think they turned out ok. The babies’ project picture is a little strange because I didn’t really have any depth to work with in the room. But I wanted to try to take pictures of myself indoors because I’m going to be doing that once the babes are born.

Just a couple more. It’s kind of like I gave myself a photoshoot.

This one was modeled after one I love of Diane Keaton, in The Family Stone. I lerve that movie. And I absolutely lerve that picture that the well-meaning, yet completely annoying, Sarah Jessica Parker gets framed for the whole family. That’s when I start sobbing in that movie.

It just hit me that all the pictures on my blog have become of me. Oopsie! I promise I will get more pictures of crafts and such up here. I’ve got a ton to take and post (babies’ room, Christmas gifts, wedding paper, etc). Just time to have a photoshoot for things instead of myself :).

Happy Wednesday!


2 Responses to “27 weeks”

  1. Tucker December 7, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    Heather these are beautiful! And I totally LOVE The Family Stone, too! That picture gets me every time. This is a lovely version of it that I’m sure your babies will cherish just as much as the characters in the movie. Sending hugs and much love to you and P.

  2. bein good to me December 10, 2011 at 11:51 am #

    Happy 27 weeks!! Every time I view your blog I get so excited for you. 🙂
    What’s the baby’s room going to be like, do you have a theme or a color scheme you’re going with? I’m just now starting to roll some ideas around in my head and get crafting to make some homemade things for the room. 🙂

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