baby project – 23 weeks

6 Nov

Well…the day got away from me today.

I had a lot on my mind. I was finishing up the changing table, only to figure out that the “white” trim paint I had gotten was really a base for tinted trim paint. This makes the paint look much more creamy than it does white. I figured this out AFTER I had primed and painted two coats on that thing. Thankfully, the paint man at my local ACE hardware was super helpful (I didn’t get paid for that…but I L.O.V.E. ACE Hardware. They are smaller and don’t have EVERYTHING, but ALL of their staff is knowledgable. AND…if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they know where you can get it in town. I love that.).

So, I got more paint;

I put ANOTHER coat on the changing table (that actually looked white!);

I went swimming (yay!);

I vacuumed the house;

I went for a walk with the hubs (extra points for me);

during said walk, we planned our dinner tonight which was to include my FIRST glass of red wine in FIVE MONTHS (I was so excited. It was delicious, the wine and the food, and it made me very very hot…more on that later);

I bought all the Christmas presents for the nieces and nephews on my side (there are seven, nine on the hub’s side);

I went to Ross and found a maternity sweater, a shirt, and two more pairs of maternity leggings for a total of $30 (score!).

It was a busy day for me. I loved it. I loved that I had enough energy to get it all done and feel good about it. I loved that my husband cooked me one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life. I literally could have eaten another entire meal right after.

And, in the end…the day got away from me. I forgot that today was the first day of regular time (not daylight saving time) and that it would get dark starting at 4:30 :(.

So, I had to make do. I didn’t want to wait another week to take more pictures. So…here it is. Please excuse the heavy photoshopping. As I said, all the moving around (and probably the wine) made me super hot and it looked like I had rosasia. I don’t, and I looked funny to me, so I wanted to not have that.

AND, for your enjoyment (I know…get on with the picture) I have actual bare belly shots….whoa! It’s a first for me! Also, check out my shoes if you can…I dressed up for dinner!

I had to move a TON of artificial light into our “sunroom” (haha) to get it bright enough. And I STILL had to use the flash.

There it is…this is the last thing I’m doing today. Right now, I’m going to finish my glass of wine, probably have another glass of milk (I’m up to a gallon a week!), drink some water (can you tell I’m thirsty?), and watch some TV. Very exciting for me!

Have a happy start to regular daylight time!


One Response to “baby project – 23 weeks”

  1. bein good to me November 7, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

    What an eventful day–I’m surprised you were able to fit all that into 24 hours but at least most of it sounded fun! I just adore your belly shots, they are done so well. And I can’t wait to enjoy a glass of wine in the next few months! I’m at 9.5 weeks now so will definitely be waiting like you did. But I’m salivating now just thinking about it! 😉

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