the nursery

13 Oct

Well internet…now that we know we’re having twins…and boys…it’s time to get started figuring out what is going to happen in the room in which they sleep.

I’ve had thoughts all along of what I want it to be like…

Clutter-free (at least before they’re born…there’s going to be plenty of clutter later)
A place to be free
A place for them to eventually play and entertain themselves

It’s going to be THEIR room for a long while. In fact, they might be sharing a room til they leave for college :).

So…what am I thinking. While painting can be reasonably cheap $$$-wise, it really is a pain and one of my least favorite things to do. I love the end result, but I hate prepping and moving furniture and all that other stuff. For a long time I always wanted to paint the rooms in my house fun colors…red, orange, navy, green. But now, I would rather paint the walls a neutral color (this goes for large, expensive pieces of furniture, too) and leave the color to the things that I can change on a more regular basis. It is so much easier to make fun pillows or paint a cool lamp than it is to paint a room or buy a new couch.

I digress, because this post was not supposed to be about painting and my own personal color theory (sidebar: I used to be the Arts & Crafts Coordinator at a spend-the-night camp at the beach. Kids used to ask me all the time what my favorite color was. My answer was always, and will always be, “I respect all colors equally.” I could go on).

This post is really about what happened to the guest bedroom (soon to be baby room) closet. It should be more of a question: What in the &*(^*% happened to that closet?

This is a bit embarrassing (sorry husband), but doesn’t every newly married couple, who doesn’t have kids, have one of these. It’s where you put all the stuff that you want to keep, but you’re not sure where to put. In this case, some stuff of mine from architecture school, the hub’s suits that won’t fit in his closet, some Christmas decorations, extra linens, extra paper…the list could go on. But the important thing is, this closet did not have an organizer. We now have closet organizers in 3 of our 4 closets and let me tell you what a lifesaving purchase these have been. While we have pretty big closets (all of them are small walk-ins except for 1), they only had a rod and shelf on two sides. This is utterly inefficient. It’s amazing how much storage space one can get out of a closet vertically.

Depending on your closet, this could cost between $50-$150. I ordered my most recent organizers (Rubbermaid, white, with the continuous metal bar, not the interrupted kind (in my opinion, this is key)) from AMAZON and they got here in two days for FREE because I have Amazon Prime. I save all the pieces I can’t use at the moment because I might need to reorganize at a later date.

I was able to unload the mess, install the new closet system, and load and organize everything back in the closet all within a few hours AND PREGNANT! (Don’t worry, I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting and the hubs was there when I needed him…I am the fix-it lady in our house. He kept me fed and happy.) I used my trusty cordless drill and a level.

TIP: If you are planning to install a closet system, do not, I repeat DO NOT, try to use the drywall anchors that come with the system. They are CRAP. That is the only negative I know about these systems. Go to your local hardware store and get some screw in drywall anchors that hold 100 lbs and use them. You’ll be fine.

Ok. So now for the finished result.

I mean, seriously, is that not amazing?

I will go upstairs just to look at it sometimes, I think it’s so pretty.

Plenty of room for mom and dad’s stuff, while still plenty of room for babies’ stuff. AND…if I need more space, I can put a column of shelves on the back wall (diapers, anyone?).

And, no, Rubbermaid did not give me any money for writing about their product (I’d take some if they’d give it to me…I’ve got two babies to feed).


One Response to “the nursery”

  1. Ashley October 13, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    WOW!! We have 3 small closets and they are MAXED out + totally bursting, from top to bottom + side to side. haha I just realized we cannot have a baby in t his house! 😉

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