lovely wedding invitations

18 Sep

I am so proud to show you the latest wedding invitation I’ve done. Nicole approached me after being recommended by a mutual friend that I used to dance with (also did her wedding paper that you can see here…just kidding. I haven’t posted about it, which is just wrong. I will get on that ASAP).

I love doing custom wedding paper. Sometimes a girl just can’t find exactly what she’s looking for (I have that problem ALL.THE.TIME. Just ask the hubs how long it took us to find the PERFECT nursery chair). So, if I get to help someone express themselves in wedding paper just as they wish, I get super excited.

Please make sure to go to Nicole’s Blog. It’s super cute and the way she and her hubs-to-be got together is just the best.

I know…get on with it already. Here are her wedding invites. I wanted to wait until she sent them out so that I wouldn’t ruin a surprise (considering my first trimester was full of hunger and nausea, that wasn’t that hard, unfortunately…but now…the energy is back and I’m taking advantage of it!).

I love the colors! Green, purple, brown. The flower shape is actually taken from a metal glider that her fiance bought for her when he proposed (or it was an early Christmas gift that he proposed on…I think. Sorry if I got that part wrong Nicole). Nicole wanted something from that glider to be on the invites. Something personal, which is what these are all about. These are all her…I just did the photoshopping!

I also really love the flower shaped maps/accommodations card. I think it so matches with the theme.

Hope you all have had a beautiful weekend. It’s been grey at the seashore, but I’ve had a chance to get a TON done. I feel so productive!


3 Responses to “lovely wedding invitations”

  1. Jimi Paderick March 9, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    Heather: Love that you are blogging – something I’m aspiring to do one day soon. I do have a love for paper and graphic design. A few questions…did you print these? What printer and ink was used? What software program? And what did you use to cut the shapes? I just bought a silhouette cameo and can’t wait to begin to use it. The babies are beautiful. I hope to come see them in a few months…but a friend close by keeps me posted. Love to all of you. Jimi

    • Heather March 9, 2012 at 12:39 pm #

      Hey Jimi –

      All of these are printed at WHCC. They are quality printers and aren’t too expensive. The flower shape is an option at WHCC. If these had been less color intensive, like just text, I would have printed them on my home hp printer. I’ve found that its easier to pay to have paper printed, cut, and folded professionally than to do it myself.

      The graphics were modeled after a special glider of the bride’s. Everything was done using photoshop and illustrator.

      • Jimi Paderick March 11, 2012 at 6:47 pm #

        I should have know WHCC – they are good and are fairly reasonable as you said. The boys are too cute – bath time, what fun. Watch out for sprinklers:)

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