1….2….3 strikes you’re out

25 May

Who knew there was a college level summer baseball league here in Carteret County?!?!

I sure didn’t…another great reason to live at the beach.

Not only do the Morehead Marlins reside in Morehead City during the summer….but there is a stadium…that one can rent out for the afternoon and play on the field and use the snack station and all the fun stuff when you go out for a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Today was a special day at the ball field. Our good friend Suzannah, as well as the Sound to Sea Program Coordinator at Trinity Center, is leaving us :(. She has served so well and given so much to Trinity Center, and now she’s moving on to find more people to make happy.

We had a fabulous time at the ball park. There was food and frenzy, frisbee throwing and a really awesome game of baseball.

I’m still working on how to use my camera on a super bright day…so bear with me.

I think I should have had a higher f-stop for these. Would have been easier to get everyone (or just the person I was wanting to take a picture of) in focus. Focusing long distance is harder than I thought.

It was also a partially cloudy day, so the sun kept on switching from really freaking bright to a bit darker. Sometimes it was hard to keep up.

All in all, we had a really great time. The owner of the stadium/team was super nice. It’s a fantastic place to have a birthday party, family reunion, small get together. What a fabulous beginning to the summer!

Unfortunately, I did not do a good job of actually taking any pictures of Suzannah, the reason we had the party anyway. That’s her pitching in this picture.


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