moving and stillness

19 Apr

Folks….I’ve been busy.

A couple of weekends ago I cleaned out our storage closet outside….I even swept.

I also wanted to take some time and REALLY clean the kitchen. I was moving EVERYTHING off the counters and wiping them down ever-so-nicely and putting everything back in a nice organized fashion. While doing this, I went to wipe down the wall behind the stove and during this process a VERY LARGE swath of paint just peeled off the wall. Just peeled off…like it was in one of those swiffer commercials waiting to be picked up by the love of its life.

I had a moment of freak out, but then continued peeling. I continued peeling because I love stuff like that. I love grooming, popping zits, peeling labels off of things (except for phones and watches…those plastic covers stay on FOREVER). So, even though I was afraid that the hubs would think I had started yet ANOTHER project, I really enjoyed myself! I ended up peeling paint off of 2 walls (the shorty kind underneath cabinets) and we LOVE the paint color underneath. I was very excited about that.

I’ve been trying harder to make hats that will actually fit human babies heads instead of cat babies heads. So far, I’ve been much more successful (I think so at least. Since I don’t have an infant to try on the hat, the jury is technically still out on that one…technically). More to come on that later.

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States was here this past weekend and she was just fabulous. I was lucky enough to hear her speak with high school students in our diocese and spend a tiny bit of time with her. She is exactly what I would want out of someone of that stature. She was wise, kind, thoughtful, and fair. She seemed to have such a grounded soul and was very sure in her answers without being arrogant or insulting. Her visit is probably something that will never happen again and I feel very lucky to have been able to meet her.

Lots of moving….lots and lots of moving.

And then this…stillness.

I am positive that most of you (all of 4 people that read…thank you!) have heard about the storms that swept the southeast last week. We were at the very tail end of the storm system and me and the hubs and our house and surrounding areas were very lucky. Others were not.

Having grown up in Eastern North Carolina (and been to Mississippi after Katrina), I have seen my share of hurricane damage. It’s sweeping…as in…it engulfs everything. If you’re near water, it’s worse near the water and it’s very predictable in a way…to me at least.

Tornado damage is different. Tornado damage is exactly what tornadoes are…scary, unpredictable, and terrible.

Both images were taken while driving on my way to work this morning. To me, it is so shocking to see the Croatan National Forest, full and lush, and then see a 100′ wide swath just taken out. It just missed a Presbyterian church, but did not miss the neighborhood across the street. I didn’t even realize the neighborhood was there because there are usually so many trees in front of it that you can’t see it.

It is completely opened up now.

So many people and families have been affected by this storm…a storm without a name…which is not what we’re used to.

You can see more images (not taken by me) here

You can give money to affected families here.

I feel lucky. I have felt so lucky to be busy.

happy week


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