what happened with this?

30 Mar

So…my sister-in-law is pregnant…WITH TWINS!

The whole family is super excited. All the sis’s-in-law are planning a shower sometime in August. We’re all getting pretty jacked up.

So…to curb my enthusiasm, I decided to learn how to crochet and, in that process, make the cutest little owl toboggan hats.

Here it is…

Photo Credit.

Isn’t it so cute? Unfortunately, this is not my version.

I swear I followed the directions (except for maybe the size yarn)….it DID NOT come out correctly.

Here…it doesn’t look so bad. I mean, it could be somewhere around the right size…right? As long as you don’t look at the armrest of our futon.

And here. It, again, looks like it might be somewhere near the right size for a new born twin baby. I mean, they’re usually smaller than singletons, right?

Unfortunately, even thought I made the 0-6 months and NOT the new born size…it was WAY FREAKING TOO SMALL.

It won’t even fit on my cat’s head. He was much more interested in my lens cap than he was in my newly made baby/small hampster hat.

I’m not sure what I did wrong. I have a feeling it was the yarn size. I must have used a medium weight, instead of a bulky weight. I know I used the right size crochet needle…I think.

I kinda want to finish this one. I mean…they are so cute. Then I’ll have to try again and make one that it says is supposed to fit a 7 year old, but will only barely fit a new born twin.

Onwards and upwards! Off to look for bulky weight yarn!


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