acupuncture and a review

4 Mar

I’m not exactly sure how to spell that. But I got it, the procedure that is.

But first we need a bit of a recap.

First: I passed my test.

Let me repeat.

I PASSED MY TEST. It was my last one. It was very hard to believe and it took me a week to come to terms with it.

I passed.

I passed?


You must understand. I did ALMOST nothing but study for the past year. The past year. A year really feels like a long time, when you’re in it. Now, looking back…it doesn’t seem so long. It seems done. Which is a funny feeling.

So, I’m kind of going through the hangover of studying. Realizing I have my nights and weekends again. Getting past not feeling guilty that I’m not studying. Getting excited about architecture again. Which is good.

A few things I’ve been up to:

Reading…a lot. I’ve read 2 books since I’ve taken my last test (that’s a lot for me).

I’ve made some lists:

One is a honey-do list I’ve made for myself. My husband has been a real trooper over the last year. He’s done the cooking, laundry, most of the cleaning, so I could have time to study and our house would not be a wreck. So…there are some things I need to do, more like handy lady-wise to catch up with him.


Then there’s my creative list. This is all some of the things I’ve been eyeing, wanting to do over the last year. Hopefully, I’ll make time to do them now. There are wedding invitations to be designed (not mine) and clothes to be fixed. All in all, it is a list that I love. It is a list that I hope never ends.


And then, there’s the acupuncture.

I am a HUGE yoga fan. I like hot, intense, really hard yoga. It centers me. It brings me back to just one thought, “can I do (insert arm balance here)?” It turns my mind to only one thing. And that is fantastic. Unfortunately, my right wrist has been acting up. It has been for a little while.


So, I’m taking a short break from the intense yoga, switching to more relaxing yoga for a few weeks, and getting acupuncture. I’d never had acupuncture before. But I did like it. It’s the same type of environment as a massage: dark room, massage table. My acupuncturist turns on a heater and does her magic. And, deep down, I kind of believe it’s magic. All she does is put these tiny needles that I can’t feel into my arms and legs and, 30 minutes later, I feel a bit better. My arms get super heavy while in this relaxed state and take a few hours to “wake back up” again. But, I dare say, I think my wrist is a tiny bit better.

I know it could all be in my head, but if it’s in my head, and I don’t feel any pain, isn’t that real anyway? It’s my reality at least. I’m trying to do more things with my left hand instead of my right like brushing my teeth. Unfortunately, I’m not too good at it with my left and will probably have to pay a pretty big bill to the dentist if I continue.

So, now I’m moving onward and upward. I’m excited about this new time and what feels like a different life.

Sorry for the not-so-great droid images. I’ll send you more after a long-awaited Superchunk show tonight.

Happy Friday!


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