it’s been too long

3 Jan

and it’s going to be even longer folks.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I am sad to see them go, but I am glad that every day the daylight will last just a few minutes longer.

I have been quite absent. I apologize. I have been studying. And I will be studying. For what used to seem like forever, the time has come to study for my LAST (hopefully) test. I’m going to a killer seminar this weekend with my former Structures professor and am planning to take this last test the end of January, beginning of February. I’m ready. I can’t tell you how ready I am. I do have a few pictures for you.

It snowed here at the beach. I know, crazy, right? But it did. Only an inch and it lasted less than a day….but it snowed.

So here are some pics.

I’ve been playing with some Kubota trial actions in photoshop recently and they have made me happy. I wish I could buy them!!!! For now, I have 30 days to try. I always do these things at the wrong times. I have 30 free days, but am going to be in study land for the entirety. Oh well…..


3 Responses to “it’s been too long”

  1. Ashley January 4, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    LOVE the last photo!! Thanks so much for the holiday card. It was super cute! We didn’t do one this year. 😦 Those Kuboto actions are so much fun to play with. Good luck with the studying!!! xo

    • Heather January 4, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

      thanks! That’s the one with the Kubota action (I think it’s the Fuji…something). I can’t remember. Man I wish those things weren’t so expensive or I would buy them all, haha. The trial is a real spoiler. Gives you all of them and then makes you want all of them too, haha.

      Hope you guys are well.

  2. bein good to me January 4, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    I also love the last one, the snowflakes came out perfectly! And I love that he’s looking over his shoulder.
    Happy new year and good luck with all of your studying!!

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