the national in raleigh

6 Oct

They were fantastic. That is all I have to say.

Ok. So I have more to say than just that. But in one word…fantastic.

The opener was Owen Pallett (he’s usually a part of The Arcade Fire). He was pretty amazing. He came out in skinny black jeans, a kind of weird take on a chef’s coat and socks. White socks.

owen pallett; the opener for the national at memorial theater in raleigh

He was amazing with his instruments: a violin, a keyboard, a “looping” machine (at least that’s what I’m calling it). He would play something with the violin and record on the looping machine, then play something else on the violin and loop it and by the time he got to the middle of the song, it sounded like he was an orchestra….instead of him, by himself.

And then, there was the national….that weird, awesome lead singer; the two sets of brothers; horns; violin; keyboards; a really freaking amazing drummer; AND we were 6 rows back. It was awesome.

I really don’t want to talk that much. I want you to see. Their light show was simple, but really effective. Bright, strong colors. They did not half ass anything. Here you go.

During the encore, the lead singer walked way out into the crowd (with a corded mic, mind you) and walked on the seat arm rests from one side of the auditorium to the other. He was singing and screaming and walking around and then he made his way back stage and we thought it was over.

But then, everyone in the band came in front of the microphones; the house lights came on; the guitar players picked up acoustic guitars; the violinist unplugged and the drummer grabbed a shaker. While standing there, facing us, they sang “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks” completely unplugged. It was a beautiful last song.


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