(the end of) summertime

21 Sep

A lot of people have been talking and writing and posting about fall. And most of them are happy about it.

Well…I can tell you that I am not. I love the summer. I love being hot. I love all the good things about summer…swimming in the ocean or a pool, popcicles, ice cream, sunshine, long days, waking up when the sun is already up, evening walks, weddings, baby animals, relaxed schedules, family, vacation, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day… I could go on and on. I LOVE summer.

But now, the fog is rolling in.

on my way to work. I could barely tell where I was

Everyone I read/hear seems to be so excited about the cool weather. But for me, this signals winter. And let me tell you, I DON’T LIKE WINTER. Don’t get me wrong, I like it til about December. The holidays are nice. I love the Christmas Flotilla in our town and seeing family. And even until then, it’s not too cold. Cold enough for me, though.

It’s when it gets past December, it gets to the bitter cold, for me. I know I live in North Carolina, so it doesn’t get that cold here, especially at the coast. But let me tell you…it’s cold enough for me. By the time March rolls around, I’m so tired of the darkness and cold and being stuck inside for so long that I want to jump out of my skin.

The best part about winter is that I know in just a little while, spring will come and then back to my favorite season.

Today is the first day of fall and coincidentally, the first day that I left home and the sun wasn’t already up (sigh).

Beautiful? Yes. Exciting? Well, at least I get to see the sun rise for the entire winter. At least that what I’ll tell myself until March. 🙂


One Response to “(the end of) summertime”

  1. Ashley September 23, 2010 at 12:31 am #

    LOL!!! Bitter cold…I love it!! Actually the coldest place I’ve lived has been Cleveland! Colorado was so much warmer this winter because 4/5 days it’s sunny w/o a cloud in the sky, so it feels much warmer. Cleveland is so overcast! Head to the mountains, now that is a different story 🙂 I would think you somewhat like fall b/c running in NC, in the summer is not easy! I am sad to see summer go b/c yes, it does mean winter is close..but boy do I LOVE fall!! xo

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