hopscotch (part deux)

20 Sep

As promised, here are more pics from the shows, taken from my phone, so they’re not fantastic.

broken social scene on friday night

They were fantastic. Finished their set with an instrumental and blew us all away.

a marching band opened up public enemy. It was so awesome.

the one and only Flavor Flav! Thanking us for our support of his "second job called TELEVISION".

Apparently he’s coming out with some Flavor Flav spirits and a bucket of chicken as well.

me and the hubs at the public enemy show. it rained, but it was still awesomeness.

the hubs LOVES public enemy. Since we decided to go to Hopscotch, he’s been playing many PE records and “rapping” along to them. It’s been mighty funny. I was a bit unaware of PE, but I really did enjoy their show. We had a blast. They were super entertaining (I especially liked the S1Ws, these guys in military uniforms that danced around the stage). The only downside of the night was a very rude man selling PE stuff. I am a huge sucker for concert T’s. And because of him, I didn’t buy one. I would have loved a “FIGHT THE POWER” shirt, but, this guy’s rudeness was out of control.

So, we went our merry way, and had a blast at the show, ate some wonderful food in downtown Raleigh: The Remedy Cafe, the Raleigh Times, last….but BEST was Dos Tequitos.

I was so hungry and tired that I didn’t get any pictures, but this was really the best mexican/columbian food I’ve ever had! Cheers to them, and to you!


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