Cu-ti-pi onesie

25 Aug

Our friends are having a baby! And I have to say that they are super hip.

So, they deserved some super hip gifts.

We tried, and here’s what we came up with.

1. Goodnight Moon.

I don’t care how hip or square you are, everyone loves this book. The hubs and I feel that even though the baby doesn’t see or understand really anything at first, it’s worth having a good book with which to start the children’s library.

2. A boppy cover.

It was something they registered for, and it was super cute. Safari animals! Why didn’t I invent a U-shaped pillow and charge $40 for it? Genius.

3. The coolest book I’ve ever seen! It’s called Alternative ABCs and I saw it on Designmom. F is for Flames, L is for Lowrider, G is for Graffiti. Good times.

4. Two REALLY cute onesies.

That’s right internet. These onesies are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. We don’t have human children yet and I was amazed every time I looked at the onesie at how small it was. How can a human be that small? My sister-in-law usually makes my gift onesies, BUT she just had a 4th, that’s right #4, wee one herself, so I really didn’t want to ask. So, I whipped up (ok, it took me a little while) these precious little onesies.

This one is of the record companies that the dad and all his friends love. Merge records is a Chapel Hill, NC record company that produces such bands as Superchunk, Portastatic, Spoon, and the recently most successful The Arcade Fire.

This one is supposed to look like a record. The baby’s last name will be Mize, so the “M” is like he has his own record. Not sure how well it came out, but after I explained it, the parents understood.

All in all, a successful baby shower…AND I learned that I could make onesies.


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