“reach up and grab your joy”

16 Aug

I do wish I had actually said this, but what’s even better is that it was said by my yoga teacher. In a lot of ways, it was better to hear it than to say it. It was the beginning of practice and as we reached up in Tadasana, Juli said, “Now, reach up and grab your joy!” What a wonderful thought. Tonight’s class was about expansion instead of contractions. Finding joy when we take a risk, when we reach a bit further. It seems that a lot of times, we only find joy when we try something new and succeed, or try something new and learn an incredibly important lesson. One we hope we’ll learn from and then make a new mistake instead of repeating the old one (even though I do believe in trying most things twice…it could have been a bad day, or you were in a bad mood, who knows, but it’s always worth a second look whatever it is). This is the story of all the things I try. I try a lot of things. I’m a lady who sees something and says, “Hey, I could make that.” I’m going to shine some light on these adventures and hopefully be entertainment while you’re sitting at work, or home, or on the bus, or on the train, and need some inspiration.


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